Architecture Competition Triple Bridge Waterfront 3rd prize winners - Pablo Rodriguez Parada

Please take this opportunity to get introduced to the 3rd prize winner of Triple Bridge Waterfront competition - Pablo Rodriguez Parada from Germany!

Pablo Rodriguez Parada from Germany
I am a 28 year old architect from Spain and live here in Berlin. I have worked in various offices here in Germany as well as in Spain over the last several years. Since quitting my job last month, I have taken a break to pursue other projects. Submitting my work to this contest is the result of my first attempts during this break.

As an architect, Berlin is a great source of inspiration for me. As the quality of life and the level of culture here is so high, one is always exposed to the clash of cultures that keeps you learning and awake. I normally get around by bike and public transport, which is actually not possible in many cities. This convenience makes the idea of remaining here and opening my own Architectural practice in a future much more inviting.

Until now, I have never been solvent enough to invest time, motivation and money into architecture competition. I have always been working for other people with other companies and interests. I have worked on all sorts of projects, large and small. My final project, for example was a Rail Station near Atocha in Madrid.

However, when I draw on my own, I find that I can always do it with excitement or even change the whole project on the last night without any barriers. This freedom is what makes a huge difference as opposed to working in an office where risks usually are not encouraged. People can quickly find ways to earn money in the architecture business, and when they feel a bit safe, they become lazy. They forget that architecture directly affects our quality of life and the power that we as the designers have to propose new and better situations.

What does architecture mean to you and what is the role of an architect in your society?

Being an architect is a great compromise with the society, insofar as we modify the Earth’s crust with different interests. Sometimes we can make permanent changes in places that harm many people just to benefit a few. Other times we are able to improve the lives of many people, setting a sustainable future to a determinate place. It depends on the architect, the compromise, and its sensibility.

In this case I am happy to see that my project is open to further development, as a part of being awarded. One can see, through these drawings, an easy way to continue it. We could talk about how the people colonize the green mat, how some skylights could bring light into the building, the encounter with the water, how the city could re-organize its interests around this new piece and maybe some day it could be a real and powerful solution to the place. Hopefully, it has the potential to be more than just some renders for an idea contest.

Why do you participate in architecture vision competitions?

To make myself visible ([email protected]), I am looking for people who share my passion for architecture. I sometimes see good projects and I admire those people who are doing good proposals. Maybe if I gain some visibility by being awarded, they could also see me and perhaps in the future we could cook something tasty together.

I have also imagined many times a different world. Contests are a good mechanism to pull out the ideas, give them their own life, and see how they make their own way, calling into doubt the established rules. That makes me feel calm, aside from winning or losing.

If a person has ideas and energy to propose new situations with spatial interest, he is somehow also responsible for developing them; simply because not many people have that power. Many alternative and different realities are available and we just have to pull them out through the drawings.

As far as I know, nobody settles for the world he lives in. Everybody has imagined a better reality. Architecture competitions are sometimes a good vehicle to test and measure this sensation of improving.

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