Unsuccessful payment?

Here is a list of most common reasons for a payment to fail:

- You don’t have enough money in that bank account,

- Limits on the card are set too low,

- The card is blocked or inactive,

- You do not have limits defined for such transactions (e.g. Internet transactions or Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions)

- Your bank classified this transaction as a fraudulent one.

Here is a list of things we recommend you check before contacting your bank:

1 - Did you have sufficient funds at the time of unsuccessful transaction on your credit card?

2 - Did you activate the option for online payments for this card?

3 - Are transaction volume limits (maximum amount for one payment) for online/mail order/telephone order transactions on the credit card high enough to cover the registration fee?

4 - Did you set the transactions quantity (maximum number of payments per day/month) limits for online/mail order/telephone order transactions on the credit card and reached the limit?

5 - Are you sure all the credit card details were correct when you fill the payment form? Especially in terms of your name (name on card) and expiration date.

If you still can’t find a reason why this transaction was rejected, please call your bank and ask about it or select alternative payment method either a different card or Paypal account.

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