Architecture photography competition - "Space in Transition" is launched!

We hardly ever take notice of the time we spend waiting daily. Buses, trains, the tube, escalators, lifts - all these are spaces of waiting in order to reach a destination or continue a journey.

They are public places that change their quality and atmosphere at different times of the day. We are drawn to the view outside the bus window, on escalators we get glimpses of people’s faces going in the other direction or glances of countless advertisements lined up on the wall.

Can you recall having to wait for someone or something and visualise a memory of the place where it happened? We invite you to think of different kinds of places and reasons for waiting, and through the means of photography, present how you experience it. Are we conscious of it at all times? Do you stop to wait? How does it change your sense of time? Maybe it’s the place around you that is waiting or is it just a by-product of our daily life?

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