Nemrut Volcano Eyes rules changed!

Dear existing and potential Nemrut Volcano Eyes competition participants, 

We would like to bring your attention to a fact that the original competition brief has been changed since it was originally published. 

The changes include the modified design deliverables as well as changes in project proposal requirements. The competition programme is cut and edited so that the focus is now on the observation platform only. The delivered proposal now also has a set budget that participants should consider.

To avoid any misunderstandings we urge you to familiarise yourself with the new competition brief that is now available for download at the competition website as well as here - 

We would like to point out that editing the competition brief once the competition has launched is not a common practice for Bee Breeders competition organiser's therefore we are accepting Nemrut Volcano Eyes competition registration fee refund requests up until December 10. Any registration fee refund requests submitted after December 10 will not be accepted. 

We would like to apologise to the participants who have already begun to work on the tasks set out in the now outdated competition brief.

Bee Breeders Team

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