New architecture competition is launched. Enter to leave a lasting mark on top of the world!

Bee Breeders architecture competitions organisers is working with Samarth NMPD for its latest architecture competition to create plans for a Himalayan Mountain Hut which facilitates mountaineering and adventure tourism throughout the Himalayan region of Nepal.

The purpose of the Himalayan Mountain Hut is to provide trekkers safe, comfortable and inviting lodgings, where they and their guides can rest, refuel and, if necessary, wait out troublesome weather. The chosen design for the mountain hut will then be replicated in multiple locations throughout the Himalaya mountain range.

With a grand prize of US $5,000 and each finalist’s designs being put forward for consideration for the project’s actual construction, this is a fantastic opportunity for architecture enthusiasts to be a part of a real-life project that will help to increase tourism and the income it generates in a predominantly poor region of Nepal.

Early bird registration is now open at until the 21st January 2015 with a reduced entrance fee of $100. Advanced registration before the 4th of March starts at $120 and will then increase to $140 for last-minute entrants up until the final deadline for registration on the 1st of April.

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