Introducing 'BB Green Award'!

Bee Breeders feels a responsibility to encourage our participants to consider environmental factors when creating their designs; a habit we hope they will continue throughout their architecture careers. Therefore we have introduced the 'BB Green Award' that will be presented to those submissions that pay extra attention to sustainable practices.

For selected competitions, all participants are eligible to receive the 'BB Green Award'. The jury will evaluate the submitted projects based on the best sustainability practices for: construction methods, materials used, logistics, maintenance and innovation.

The evaluation process:

1 - Consultative jury panel will produce a shortlist of 40 projects from all submitted entries.
2 - Consultative jury panel will then select 9 finalists from the shortlist.
3 - Core jury panel will evaluate the 9 finalists and select the winning student project.

If the jury panel selects a 'BB Green Award' submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes. 

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