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ESSAY: The Architecture
of Prisons

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Nearly 11 million people are currently living in prisons around the world, and how those prisons were designed will likely have a significant impact on how inmates are affected by their time inside.

Bee Breeders, in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS, is calling for essay submissions for their next print publication “The Architecture of Prisons'' which is planned for release in spring 2021. Run in tandem with the Prisons Redesigned! ( architecture competition, it is a chance for designers to express their opinions on how architecture can influence individuals and societies at large by answering the question, how can prisons be effectively re-imagined so as to have a positive impact on the community?

Submissions from participants related to any field or discipline are welcome, and selected winners will also be included in the ARCHHIVE BOOKS “The Architecture of Prisons” publication. The jury will be looking for a deep understanding of how architecture contributes to problems, as well as ideas and insights as to the power of architecture to correct them.

The Architecture of Prisons essay competition is open until November 6, 2020, with winners of the 1,000 € prize fund to be announced on December 10, 2020. Visit for more information. 



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