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Archhive Books' Portable Reading Rooms

US$ 5,000 + CONSTRUCTION Prize
18 October, 2019 Registration deadline
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Archhive Books' Portable Reading Rooms


Archhive Books' Portable Reading Rooms Archhive Books' Portable Reading Rooms

Despite the growing presence of digital devices, the demand for physical books remains as strong as ever, and with good reason. Research has shown that readers of printed books absorb and remember more information about the plot of a book than those using e-readers, likely due to the tactile sensation of handling a physical book, turning its pages and feeling how far you have progressed. Even children as young as three benefit from being read to from physical books, becoming more engaged and finding the story easier to remember. Researchers theorise that this is because they are less distracted than by electronic devices.

In order to help make books more accessible, and reading more encouraged, ARCHHIVE BOOKS are calling for submissions for the ARCHHIVE BOOKS' Portable Reading Rooms architecture competition. This competition is seeking designs for a small structure that could be embedded within existing public spaces in multiple locations around the world. The Reading Rooms would have to function as an intimate meditative space in which people can read and exchange books.

For the ARCHHIVE BOOKS' Portable Reading Rooms architecture competition, the structure would need to be highly versatile so that it could be located in various locations, and could function in any climate and any season. Though their functionality could change throughout the year - operating as a simple book exchange box during colder months and a more immersive and interactive reading experience during milder weather - the Reading Rooms should have the potential to enrich the community in which it is placed.

Participants have total creative freedom when conceptualising the design and functioning of the Reading Rooms, in fact, they need not even be a physical room. As long as they are a welcoming and nourishing environment that encourages reading, the Reading Rooms can be as open or closed off as you like.

ARCHHIVE BOOKS will invite selected city councils from around the world to construct the winning design entries. Participants may propose which countries and cities they feel would benefit most from their Reading Rooms designs, however it is still important that submitted designs remain versatile and portable enough to be located anywhere in the world.

Download full competition brief for more information!


Competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).


- Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English.
- All information submitted by participants must be in English.


Total prize fund
1st prize

US $3,000

Certificate of Achievement

2nd prize

US $1,500

Certificate of Achievement

3rd prize

US $500

Certificate of Achievement



The winners will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured on the Bee Breeders website and social pages


Bee Breeders will also acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.


The competition brief can be downloaded as often as required; no additional information or material will be provided after registration.

  • Full Competition Brief

Jury Panel

Jury members shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members, shall be disqualified. 

All communication regarding the competition should only be carried out with Bee Breeders staff. For any questions please contact us on [email protected]



Closing date for registration
18 October, 2019
Closing date for project submission
15 November, 2019 (11:59pm GMT+0)
Announcement of the winners
06 December, 2019

preliminary registration deadlines

Registration fees

Registration Deadline
20 July - 18 October
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies
US $120
US $80

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Competition related F.A.Q.

The structure would not be transported daily. It should be treated like a temporary structure, that could be transported to another location if necessary.

General F.A.Q.

Click on "register now", fill in all the required fields, choose your payment method and submit your information. You will be forwarded to Paypal or CPS secure payment gateway, to cover the competition fee. Once we receive your payment, we'll send you an email with your username and password to upload your submission directly to the website.
You can add/remove/edit team member information as often as you want in the upload panel, up until the submission deadline.
Only one proposal per registration is permitted. Participants are entitled to register multiple times if they wish to participate in the competition with several proposals.
Yes we are in the process of negotiating with multiple international industry-related media representatives. The list of media partners is constantly updated on our website, please check it regularly to find latest updates.
No. Competition entries are evaluated anonymously. The participant registration type is only revealed upon the announcement of the results.
The projects would be viewed on the screen or projector.
Please contact us – [email protected] and we will address the problem directly.

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