"Architecture of Prisons" competitions are canceled

In light of recent events, Bee Breeders has made the decision to cancel our ‘Architecture of Prisons’ design and essay competitions. Our intention for these competitions was to criticise the current prison system, how it’s run, and how it is an outdated and racist model that can negatively impact communities around the world. 

However, we also understand that promoting these competitions at this sensitive and important time gives the impression that we are glamourising or supporting a corrupt system. That was not our intention and we apologise if our content came across this way. 

We want to send a clear message that Bee Breeders is always striving for equality and to make the voices of our community heard around the world. 

We also want to apologise to those participants that have already signed up to take part. We regret the situation and of course all fees will be refunded. You will also be able to enter another competition of your choice without charge.